About Us

John Flannery: Owner & Operator

Flannery Painting Eagan is owned and operated by John Flannery in Eagan, Minnesota.

John Flannery has been painting homes and businesses since 1994, and his professional residential and commercial painting enterprise has been in business since 1998, providing Twin Cities metropolitan area homeowners and businesses with honest, trustworthy interior and exterior painting.

For 11 years prior to the dot com age, John Flannery’s painting business was all referral.

Through word of mouth his customers are his best advertisers.

They enjoy working with John and they know he does quality work.

Now, he receives many referrals, both residental and commercial, through this website as well.


How We Do Things

In John’s own words:
To My Customers:
Since 1998 and the development of this website my painting business has consisted entirely on referrals. In all that time, I’ve had about three days where I did not have work. What that might tell you is that Customer Satisfaction has been extremely high.
I focus on your needs – beyond the beautiful paint job you will receive. Whether it be getting the kids out the door before I arrive or making dinner in the evening where painting is being done in the day…or sleeping by night in a room being painted by day…we always try to make it possible. I also work well with building contractors on new construction and remodels.
Unless discussed otherwise, it is usually myself, the owner of the business, who is on the job. I, John Flannery, am on the job full time, often with one helper.

The painting is usually done by hand, with brush and roller, with the best materials available. I can also spray paint when it is needed, HVLP or airless.

My focus is on a hassle free, clean, quiet job… perfection!
Please contact me and we’ll talk over your unique project.
Thank you,
John Flannery